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So I always knew that I had the coolest family and friends. Well, I suspected, now I know. Andrew and I have been haunting the foster blogs pretty regularly and we’ve detected a theme. Apparently not everyone’s family and friends are like –

you are gonna be foster parents? that is so cool, how can we help? no, scratch that, we don’t want to just help, we’d like to be this awesome, amazing support network that is actively involved in the life of the child that finds its way to your home –

Incredibly, that has almost unanimously been the reaction.

We thought long and hard about becoming fosterparents. We discussed it for years, 15 years, I think. It took a lot of time to make the decision, to know it was right. But we also knew that we could never do it alone. We’re big believers in that whole ‘it takes a village’ concept. I think we both believe that if there were more ‘villages’, there would be fewer kids in care and the world would generally just be a better place. Which is why we are doing this – we’ve got a village, ready to go, and we want to share it with a child and a family in need of backup and support.

So, thank you to Andrew-Carrie-fosterwee support village. You know who you are and we appreciate you and we’re gonna appreciate you even more when you are available to babysit.

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I have friends, some with children, and they tell me that I do not really and truly know the meaning of the word tired. This is probably right. I am pretty tired now, in this moment, lots going on at work and in life. But I know that I don’t know what awaits me.

I try to imagine all of this now kind of living PLUS the fairly constant giving of love and attention, general maintenance and regular upkeep required when one lives a life with a small person. It is hard to conceptualize after 40+ years of just thinking about me, sometimes others, but you know – mostly me. I think it is going to be pretty different.

And I’ve heard a rumor that children don’t like to sleep in on Sundays — that can’t be true, can it? Do they want to get up at 6am and go straight to champagne brunch or do they like to read the Times first? Lots to figure out in the coming months and years.

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