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#1)  After Blitzen opened a handful of presents from us, she wanted to give us a present.  Instead of artwork or a note, she decided to read/tell us a story.  Not just any story,  A Visitor’s Guide to Ancient Rome, which had been presented to her by the author the day before.  Blitzen’s lively version of Roman life, based on cartoon illustrations, may presage a future as a college professor.

#2)  We went to church with Nana.  I loved it, and am considering giving up my dream of being a rock & roll front man (inspired by Bruce Springsteen and Bono) for being a Baptist preacher (inspired by Rev. Forbes and Rev. Williams).

Blitzen was into it for the first hour.  Hours two and three were a new testament to the brilliance of Carrie Ann.  Armed with just a pen and paper, Carrie invented silent drawing games, word games, strategy games and entertainments worthy of an amen.

#3) Blitzen made a scrumptious heart-shaped pizza for dinner.  (An aside: imagine our conversation with Nana when she asked what our Christmas plans were.  We didn’t mention church, family or friends, just baking artisinal pizzas.  Yes, we are a living stereotype.)


#4)  At bedtime, Blitzen packed her new ice skates, a sweater and two extra pairs of socks in her bag and hung it from the front door.  “This is so we won’t forget anything when we go skating in the morning.”

The ability to anticipate future gratification and thoughtfully organize and plan for it is a major milestone in maturity.   When Blitzen woke up this morning, she confidently carried the bag to the rink, laced up her new skates, waved to us and stepped gingerly onto the ice.

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