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One of the reasons we want to build the FosterWee blog is to create a community that can share expertise with us.  (Carrie I and combine to possess expertise in the following: the 1982 St. Louis Cardinals, vampire novels and baking cookies.)

We know we’ll need help figuring out NYC public schools.  Our future foster wee (FFW?) is likely to be 4-12 years old and to have lived and attended school far from our happy Harlem home.  We’ll probably end up working with the child’s social worker and birth parents to choose a new school.  We spent some time this summer researching schools and trying to understand what our options are, but despite our mad skills with a mouse, the DOE website kicked our butts.  We’re in District 5, we have a zoned school, we’re eligible to apply to some but not all other schools.  If any of you (I’m optimistically assuming more than one reader) can help us navigate these waters we’d really appreciate it.

Oh yeah…  my lack of knowledge about NYC public schools, doesn’t prevent me from having passionate opinions about them.  I haven’t met FFW, but I’m convinced she deserves to attend a school that listens carefully to her ideas, respects her values and nurtures her creativity.  She deserves a school that strives for equity in society and within its own walls; that values democracy and collaboration; that is infused with questioning, experimentation, debate, reflection, love, adventure and joy.

My ideal NYC public elementary school is Central Park East.  I asked them about admission and they suggested that we not complete an application until we actually had a child living in our home.  Apparently they don’t yet understand how we roll, or the extent to which Carrie is a planner.

Please shoot us a comment or an email if you have experiences or information that may be helpful to us.  In exchange, I’d be happy to teach you about the 1982 Cardinals.

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