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1) Cellphone (not on the table for discussion until age 12)

2) Dog (all of the obvious reasons PLUS no dogs allowed in our home per our lease)

3) Silicon mermaid tail (costs around $700 for a ‘cheap’ one)

Ummm….seriously kid?

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It was exciting, out of control, quite a party.  There was one sparkler per child (woo-hoo) then 2 bowls of popcorn and hot cocoa as we watched an American Girl Doll movie in our pjs.  All people under 5′ tall were fast asleep by 9:30pm, adults stayed up until 11pm.  Yeah, I haven’t partied like that in years.

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Blitzen and kids – millions of them – playing all the time.  Ok, so maybe not millions but probably 6 little girls roughly the same age, converging daily to frolic on my mother’s street.  You knew it would happen, eventually, trouble.  And when we’re talking about girls of this particular age, trouble usually equals boys.

Blitzen came running into the house, breathless, ‘Boys! Mean boys,’ pant, pant, pant,’are on the street, come quick.’  And she sprinted back outside.  Well, I sauntered outside and sure enough – 2 little boys are going toe to toe with 6 helmeted, scootered and biked girls.  I mean, really, the poor guys didn’t stand a chance.  I strolled to the end of the driveway and suggested that if the boys were bothersome, perhaps the girls should, you know, walk away.  But no, this was not good enough.  Blitzen, who will surely be a 3rd base coach later in life, explained to me that I was to stand guard in the driveway and when she gave the signal, I should come over to the group, quickly.  She demonstrated the signal – similar,  I think, to what an airport ground crew would do if the flight tower and air traffic control was ever knocked out.

Satisfied that I understood our code, she then returned to the group and said, ‘My mom’s right there – all I have to do is give her the signal.’  As if this phrase is known to strike fear into the hearts of 9 year old boys everywhere.  I called to her that I was going back inside.  And so  I did.

Unfortunately, that is when the rumble broke out and my mother (the elementary school teacher) had to take over.  Apparently there was a slap or maybe just a pretend slap and a kick, that was probably kind of like a playful kick in the butt, (all initiated by the girls, I might add) but hey, no matter and not on Nana’s street.   I am pretty sure prison gangs would have cowered in fear. She went outside and threw down.  Seriously, she took her whistle and everything.

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I mentioned the cul-de-sac yesterday, right? Filled with feral children just wandering around looking for other short people to play with – like all day long.  And of course there are bikes and scooters and there is running and jumping and going over to the neighbors and coming back home and going back to the neighbors to play, play, play with everyone’s holiday bounty.

There is also the car, no subways, no walking about.  There is Ray’s pizza just like in NYC but not really.

And there are lights – oh my, the merry holiday lights on people’s homes.  Gaudy, tacky, crazy, wacky lights.  We drove around for an hour admiring the handy work of industrious Phoenicians with nothing better to do than collect light up Santas and baby Jesuses for display in their yards next to their saguaros.

Blitzen loved it – every bit of it.  This is her idea of heaven.  She announced that she loved Phoenix – it’s beautiful, it’s sunny plus you get to drive everywhere!   Really, it doesn’t get any better than this.

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Looked a little something like this:

Fly from NC to Phx — 6 long, long hours but everyone behaved during the bumpy airplane ride.  Thank you to any and all gods for ipad and assorted apps.

Deplane, gather now stuffed to bursting bags loaded with the first round of holiday gifts, drive to Andrew’s dad’s deserted home (thank you, Beepaw) to stay the night.  Eat late dinner, get mad at bedtime, put on leggings, sweatshirt, hat and mittens with sandals – declare ‘I am really leaving this time’ but only lie down on the sofa and fall asleep.

Get up next morning for Christmas part 2.  Go Carrie’s parents’ house and open gifts with aunts and uncle and cousin — wow, Santa came here too and everything is as surprise.  Yay!  Have lovely holiday brunch and bonding with family. Then play, play, play, play, play with 9 year old cousin and assorted neighbors in quiet cul-de-sac ALL DAY LONG.  Do not notice or care that Carrie drinks 3 cups of coffee, uses a swear word and watches an entire BLACK and WHITE movie, ALONE on dvd while lying on the sofa.  Bliss, for everyone, bliss.

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I was tense on Christmas, I admit it.  I often am around the holidays anyway – always kinda feels like pressure to be a million places with a million people all at once.  And of course, this year I was also worried about traveling with Blitzen during a stressful time but she was really great.  No huge meltdowns, a few ‘I hate you and everything about you’ rants but really nothing out of the 9 year old norm.

I have to say that spilling the beans about the holiday gifts was pure genius, no stress, no disappointment — just pure joy and glee upon receiving the completely expected gifts plus the bonus items from Santa in her stocking.  Top it all off with the many generous items from family and the kid got everything she asked for and a little bit more.

And that was just Christmas part 1.  The timeline went something like this:

Fly from NYC to NC, arrive late evening but get to SWIM in our mermaid tail (soon to be old, homemade mermaid tail) at the hotel before bed.

Wake up, go play with family and friends, swim with family and friends, play some more, go to bed, get outta bed, eat cereal with Andrew in hotel room while singing Taylor Swift songs as Carrie hides under the covers, go to sleep eventually.

Christmas Eve — wake up, swim, play, go make holiday cookies, play and resentfully go holiday shopping for last minute gifts, swim, go have holiday meal with family, then participate in an improv comedy skit with aunt and uncle people both of whom have missed their calling and should really go join Second City because the whole family was rolling on the floor after Blitzen assigned them the roles of ‘annoying girl’ and ‘annoying neighbor’ in her imaginary play game.  I can’t recall it all but at one point there was an imaginary salamander circus….Need I say more?

Christmas Day — wake up too early, freakishly agree to watch a video until it is an hour respectable enough to crash home of lovely relatives, go open stocking and expected gifts, eat holiday brunch, play, play and play some more, get on airplane and fly to Phx for Merry Christmas, part 2.

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Birthdays are a very big deal to Blitzen.  She can hardly imagine anything worse than your birthday NOT being celebrated.  She has put a lot of energy into making nice birthday celebrations for Andrew and me this past year.  I would love to understand this obsession better or perhaps I wouldn’t.  There is likely an awful story behind her birthday anxiousness or perhaps it is just a story of 8 years of underwhelming birthdays — it is difficult to say.

My birthday was this week.  I was tired after the trip and glad to keep it quite low-key.  We ordered in dinner and had cake, there were presents (necklaces, of course!).

But Blitzen and I had our first post-trip fight right before the relaxing celebration.  As with many things in our life, it wasn’t about what it was about.  It started because Blitzen wanted to go shopping and I didn’t.  I didn’t want to spend any money on junk that we didn’t need.  I was being a typical parent.  But Blitzen was angry about the fact that I had been gone for a week and this was the perfect excuse to show me how she really felt.  It was a fight about loss, fear, anxiety and loneliness.

I was calm and just sat on the floor of the lobby of Andrew’s office to ride it out (this is where it began, right after school).  Eventually, I convinced her to leave and she continued to argue with me (is it arguing if only one person is upset?) all the way to the subway station, her frustration rising.  When it was time to go through the turnstile, Blitzen reached her pinnacle – she gritted her teeth, tears popped out of her eyes, I think she literally growled as she clenched her fists and stomped her feet.  It lasted maybe 30 seconds, then she released, turned in a huff and went through on to the subway.

When I compare this reaction to the one in March, I think again, how amazingly far she has come.  The control she can now exhibit when it comes to her emotions is tremendous.  Now we just need to get her to talk about them before she gets to code red.  But that is another post.

On the train, when she had calmed down, she let me hug her and we talked about why she was upset.  She was upset for a lot of reasons including the fact that she is in foster care and her mom gave her away (she thinks/says) and she doesn’t want to leave us.  I asked if she was mad at me for going on my trip.  She said that she was.  I asked why and she said exactly what I knew she would — Blitzen was scared that I wouldn’t come back.

We’ve been separated several times now and I think it is a good thing.  Blitzen needs to know that people come back and that the leaving has nothing to do with her.  But I know this is a very hard thing, deeply tied to so many issues in her life, past and present.  I am hoping that it gets better – we’ll have lots of practice this year.

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