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Blitzen woke up on Wednesday morning, stumbled out into the living room, sleepy and nervous.  Her eyes got wide and she whispered, “OM Boxes!”  OM Boxes indeed.  About 100, if you are counting.

I’ve got some very mixed feelings about the amount of stuff we have – it is kind of obscene. Now, there is a lot of art and a ton of kitchen stuff and books, like boxes and boxes of these things.  In my pre-Blitzen life, I cooked and read a lot. And spent my money on cool art as opposed to swim lessons at the Y and let me tell you, Blitzen had plenty of boxes of her own.  2 boxes of books and a couple more filled with toys and stuff from her room.  In addition to feeling like a very unattractive American consumer, I was faced with the monumental task of packing and then unpacking all this stuff. Thank god that I consider myself way too old and way too financially fit to move all this wonderful merchandise myself — bless you, movers, well worth it at any cost.

We’re probably 3/4s of the way done with the unpacking process and hopefully, will be all set up by Monday or Tuesday.  Blitzen, in a moment of stress during our the move, cried, “It will take weeks to unpack these.  I’ll never find my stuff.”  I don’t know who that child thinks that she has been living with but the thought of living in a less than completely accessible, comfortable, ordered, decorated to my satisfaction home for more than like 3 days, is enough to make me break out in hives.  I do not like mess.  Which kinda makes you wonder why I agreed to parent in what is undoubtedly the messiest of all possible ways, but hey, I am a bit of enigma — ask Andrew.

In the morning, very early, we transported our most precious cargo to the new place.  Blitzen sweetly reassured the guineas that everything would be fine.  She told Andrew and I several times that she thought that Irene and Lucy were nervous and scared.   She spent  the drive (10 blocks) whispering to them about the new apartment and how much they would like it and that it had a yard and on and on.  So we got them all set up in their cage and Blitzen got to choose her new room. This shifted the anxiety balance, a little, and seemed to begin to lighten Blitzen’s mood.

Then Blitzen went off to gymnastics camp for a half day while we loaded out of the old apartment and she was still very, very worried.  She made Andrew write down the address to our new house, twice.  Once on a piece of paper for her and once for the new babysitter.   I just know, that deep down, she was so worried that we were going to move on without her.  And then, of course, the babysitter came to our (empty!) old place instead of going to pick Blitzen up at camp and all hell broke loose.  Crying, screaming, kicking, trying to run off at camp and ‘go home alone, then’ – oy!  But the babysitter, in spite of the mix up, was a rock star – immediately figured out her mistake, jumped in a cab, called camp, called us, calmed Blitzen down – whew!  It was only a few minutes, really, but our little Blitzen likes things to go exactly as planned.  As she once told me, “I only like surprises on my birthday.”  I can relate, kid.

In the afternoon, Blitzen gave the sitter the grand tour of the new place and they began construction on the fairy house.  It is going to be quite fabulous.  They have been working on it a little bit each day and everyone is starting to get comfortable in the new place.

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We have to move in July. It is a bummer of epic proportion, because surprise, surprise, Blitzen doesn’t like change and neither does Carrie, really, plus I love our home now.  And we’re pretty certain that Blitzen has never moved and not had it associated with major drama and loss.

So we’ve begun gently laying the groundwork for the move with Blitzen.  We will most likely stay in roughly the same neighborhood so we can still be close to Nana and the girls as well as all of our favorite neighborhood spots.  In response to the discussions about where we might live in the future, Blitzen asked the following questions this weekend:

1) If we were going to move, could we please move to North Carolina to be near Andrew’s family — answer = no, sadly it is too long a commute

2) If we move to a new house, could we have a backyard — answer = probably not because we live in Manhattan and are not millionaires but we can look for outdoor space

3) If we move, could we choose a house with a purple room for her — answer = it probably will not purple when we get it but we can paint it purple when we move in

4) Lastly, who will take care of Blitzen if we move –answer = Carrie and Andrew will continue to take care of Blitzen.

As usual, she buried the lede.

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