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Welcome, Guinea Pigs

Rodents in the house.  Two rescued guinea pigs.

Blitzen has spent six weeks reading, researching, making lists, watching guinea pig videos, and making videos about guinea pig care.  She has been nurturing and caring for her baby dolls.  We have no doubt that she’ll be a responsible, empathetic 8-year-old guinea pig owner.

“Don’t worry, girls.  It’s hard to move to a new home, but I’m going to take good care of you forever.” — Blitzen to Irene and Lucy, five minutes after meeting them.

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It is kind of amazing, actually, that love is simultaneously free and precious, abundant and rare, the more you give, the more you get.  You can give it to this person and that person and the person next to them and they will give some back to you and maybe also to a total stranger which is completely ok because it will come back again somehow, someway, somewhere and therefore you will never run out.

Except sometimes when you don’t get enough in the beginning, if you have never truly been full of love, it is hard to give it away and therefore even harder to get it back.  And when you see someone else getting love, oh how unfair that feels, how infuriating – why them and not you?  And it becomes very difficult to understand that I, fostermom, have more than enough love and affection and attention for you and for your sisters and my friends and Andrew’s mom and even for that funny little 3 year old on the playground.  If I give love to someone else, you won’t get less.  In fact, you will probably get even more because the love will all come back to me and then it will spill all over you. It is probably almost impossible to see it that way when you are 8 and feel very alone and unloved and unlovable.

But I have way more love than you have resistance, little one, I can wait you out.

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