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Hi.  This blog chronicles the adventures of Andrew and Carrie as we navigate the world of foster parenting in New York City.

We’ve been inspired to become foster parents by a supportive network of family and friends who will compose the village for Blitzen, our future foster wee.

We’ve been inspired to share our experiences in blog form by being loyal, lurking readers of several foster parent blogs, including No Thank You Bites and (especially) Fosterhood.  It’s generous of folks to turn their lives into learning experiences for others, and it would be cool if our blog was enjoyed by others down the road.  Realistically, though, as a guy in his 40’s with a spotty memory and attention issues, I just want to jot things down so I remember them a month from now.

Carrie and I sometimes lament not keeping journals.  What was the name of that great restaurant in Nova Scotia?  Who was the artist we saw in the Berkshires in 2003?  What was the name of that weird play with Ethan Hawke?  The stakes are pretty low when we forget the film we saw last Friday, but if we’re co-creating a life book for Blitzen we should get some of the details right.

Welcome to FosterWee.  Thanks in advance for reading, commenting, caring.  As Lou Reed says, It’s the beginning of a great adventure.

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