Blitzen had a sleepover the other evening – went off without a hitch.  We told the girls that they could watch tv and we went to bed.

We awoke in the morning and went out into the living room to find a little nest of blankets and pillows had been built, 2 darling children were passed out on the floor, the room scattered with the remnants of snacks and 2 cut crystal wine glasses filled with capri sun.  That is living it up, right there. I wish I had taken a photo, it was the perfect picture of an 11 year old’s idea of a decadent time.

The new dresser

Blitzen’s old bed had drawers underneath, handy.  But the new fancy canopy bed does not. I do wish I could post the videos that Blitzen has made of herself giving, I don’t know – tours?? of her new bed and explaining how to arrange the curtains and the pillows and why canopy beds are just the greatest.  Totally adorable.

Any way, Andrew and I were out hunting for a dresser and stopped in an antiquey/second-hand furniture place and found just what we needed.  A skinny but tall dresser, painted a lovely shade of blue with enamel drawer pulls – each with a little pink rose painted on them.  I was worried that Blitzen might be annoyed that it was used (not sure she that is into shabby chic) but it was a bargain, and so lovely, and I am really trying to make sure that her room doesn’t look like I ordered the entire thing right off the Pottery Barn website (not that there is anything wrong with Pottery Barn).  But she really likes it.  We worked together to clean it up with Murphy’s Oil soap, it fits perfectly in her room.  She worked very hard to organize her clothes and put them in the drawers — she had a definite plan.  It was really great.  And then (seriously people, I could swoon at this next part) she asked if she could do her own laundry from now on.  Um, yes, my darling child, you can.  She started right away, lovingly sorting the whites from the colors.

It has been the summer of growing independence.  I might be crazy (ok, I am definitely crazy but putting that aside) I think the layout of this home is really a key component.  She is so comfortable — it is just awesome.

My mom works a lot

Blitzen’s friend said to her as we were standing in line at Cold Stone Creamery.  Blitzen, ever competitive, said, “My mom works more.”  I listened, wondered where this was going.  Blitzen’s friend, “Really? My mom has to work weekends. Does your mom work on the weekend?” Blitzen considered this and said, “Yes, she does and sometimes she has to take really long business trips and she has to help the President (of a University – not THE president). ”  Then she looked up and said, “Don’t you, Carrie?”

These moments never fail to surprise me — after almost 3 years, you would think that I would remember that in certain situations, I am ‘mom’.


Since our move, we’ve been decorating, really getting Blitzen engaged in her room but also in the decor of the apartment at large.  We’re adding some photos of her and her family in addition to the many that we have of her, putting them in  frames and hanging up around the house.  We’ve always had lots of photos on the fridge and the bulletin board but we’re stepping it up a notch, going for a fancier presentation.

We had some lovely frames from back in the day (actually wedding gifts! so waaayyy back)  that we removed the photos from and offered to Blitzen.  This is the email that Andrew sent to me about what happened when he presented them:


Blitzen loved the picture frames. I showed them to her without photos in them, and invited her to find photos to put in them. She chose a picture of her, her littlest baby sister and one of her brothers for one and our wedding picture for the other. You can choose a picture with you in it, I invited. She pointed to our photo, then to the words “Loves Me” on the frame. Both frames are now in her room.

Love ya,



The canopy bed

Yeah, well, so we bought Blitzen a canopy because (we’re suckers?) we had a full size platform bed in her room previously so we sold her on the idea of a twin size with the added bonus a canopy in the hopes that she would have a little more space in her room and might, you know, be in there sometimes.  She sleeps with the curtains around the bed completely closed and has already developed an elaborate ritual at bedtime – arranging the curtains, setting up her various pillows in precisely the right way.  She always has liked a cozy, cocoon-y type environment.  We’ll see how fast the novelty wears off.

Back to work

How many days do I think to myself, ‘Oh, Blitzen!’ Well, Blitzen was pretty mad that I have to go back to work. Andrew doesn’t, so why do I? Why can’t I take the whole month of July off too? It is certainly not for lack of wishing that I could.


Blitzen, upon gathering a gallon ziplock full shells, was told by Andrew that perhaps she didn’t want to carry them all home and maybe she should consider discarding the broken ones.

Blitzen, in true Blitzen style, said, ‘sometimes broken shells heal themselves. And the broken ones always have a story.’



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